May 3, 2021

HIS APPEAL IS BECOMING MORE SELECTIVE: Biden’s poor TV ratings against Trump is exactly what this administration wants.

Its clickbait title aside, Joe Concha’s piece in The Hill is well worth a read, including:

Biden’s TV ratings are low. And it’s just the way his handlers want it. He and his vice president rarely talk to reporters, rarely hold press conferences, rarely tweet anything controversial. From a visibility perspective, it is the polar opposite of the bombastic, unfiltered Trump years.

While words matter, deeds matter much, much more. And if this stealth presidency gets its way, Biden will do more to transform this country into a far-left utopia than any other Democratic president in history.

You never want to let a pandemic and a manufactured crisis at the border go to waste: Hillary: ‘I’m Thrilled That President Biden Is Taking Advantage Of This Moment To Try To Push the Agenda As Far As Possible.’

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