April 22, 2021


For a dozen years, you eschewed the public eye, although you occasionally raised funds for the party and some of its candidates. You were the old soldier who faded away.

You remained silent as Obama pushed his inexplicably complicated and unnecessary Obamacare. Your silence on Benghazi was heard by some of us. We respected your right to just give up on politics and never speak again.

But now, after twice refusing to support President Donald John Trump, here you come to piss on his policies and his supporters.

I can understand your refusal to support the man who beat your brother Jeb! Blood is thicker than water. But that does not excuse you, because your silly silence emboldened Democrats. You should have taken the high road and accepted defeat. Instead, you sold President Trump out to build your esteem among those who called you Hitler as well.

Remember? . . . Mister Bush, once you were the leader of a great nation. Now you oppose everything we thought you stood for.

In retrospect, it seems that Bush didn’t mind the contempt with which lefties treated him, because he knew the contempt was really aimed at his voters, for whom he apparently had contempt too.

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