April 12, 2021

ANNALS OF LEFTIST AUTOPHAGY: CDC chief to Gretchen Whitmer: Lock down now. “Today Rochelle Walensky used the daily White House briefing to answer her. Vaccines take too long to work, the CDC chief reminded everyone. It’d be two to six weeks before a dose fully protected recipients; Michigan needs to start dousing the flames of its outbreak today. And the governor conspicuously and uncharacteristically refuses to take the sort of action this time that she became famous for taking earlier in the pandemic. I’m not mentally prepared for Gretchen Whitmer to become an ally of the right for her staunch opposition to lockdowns but that’s where we’re headed.”

Of course, Walensky isn’t exactly laser focused on what should be the CDC’s only job right now: CDC Director Walensky: ‘Racism Is a Serious Public Health Threat.’

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