April 12, 2021

WHAT IF THEY HAD A “WHITE LIVES MATTER” RALLY AND NOBODY SHOWED UP? “How do you know that what looked like rally planning wasn’t just the media, law enforcement agencies, and far-left activists talking amongst themselves? . . . The whole thing looks fake.”

We live in a society where saying that white lives matter is a mark of “extremism.” Heck, even “all lives matter” puts you outside the pale.

Plus: “The way NBC News dealt with that is to say that the failure to show up in person should be interpreted to mean that the movements have gone ‘underground.’ So a big rally would be bad, but a non-rally would be bad too.”

They’ve got their messaging and they’ll stick to it no matter what. So why have they chosen this messaging? Spoiler: It’s not to make things better for actual black people.

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