April 8, 2021

FIRST ADMISSIONS, NOW THIS. WHY DOES YALE HATE ASIANS? ‘Tiger Mom’ Amy Chua says Yale punishing her over false student allegations.

Higher education seems full of racism and misogyny. Best to eliminate it.

Chua’s letter to the Yale faculty is here.

I’m deeply disappointed in Heather Gerken, who I had thought to be a big improvement over the failed deanship of Robert Post.

UPDATE: Tiger Mother Amy Chua Roars Back At Yale Law School. “As some of you might recall, Chua was hospitalized for three weeks in 2018 after a massive internal infection. The idea of someone with her health history throwing ragers during the pandemic would be… surprising.”


It’s a clown show. My advice to the Yale Law administration: Try not to be clowns in the future.

NOTE: Update link was bad before. Fixed now. Sorry!

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