April 5, 2021


CBS Deceptively Edits Reporter’s Interaction With FL Governor Ron DeSantis. Here’s What He Really Said.

—The Daily Wire, Sunday.

CBS ‘News’ Deletes Tweet Advocating How Companies Can Oppose Georgia Republicans.

CBS’s Soft Hunter Biden Interview Downgrades Scandals to ‘Rumors,’ Promotes Book.

NewsBusters, Sunday.

Back in 2017, 60 Minutes’ Scott Pelley had this gaslighting moment with blogger/Twitter user Mike Cernovich:

Scott Pelley: How would you describe what you do?

Mike Cernovich: I’m a lawyer, author, documenter, filmmaker, and journalist.

Scott Pelley: And how would you describe your website?

Mike Cernovich: Edgy, controversial content that goes against the dominant narrative.

Scott Pelley: What’s the dominant narrative?

Mike Cernovich: The dominant narrative is that there are good guys and there are bad guys. The good guys are liberals. Everybody on the right is a bad guy. Let’s find a way to make everybody look bad. Let’s tie marginal figures who have no actual influence to anybody we cannot overwrite. That’s the narrative.

Scott Pelley: That’s not a narrative I’m familiar with. Who’s narrative is that?

Whatever gets you through the night, Scott.


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