March 30, 2021


I haven’t yet been able to identify a single anti-Asian hate crime committed by a Trump supporter, despite the Democrats’ insistence that Trump-loving racists are the main perpetrators. What I did discover, however, was something the media refuses to report. Consistent with the U.S. Bureau of Justice data that was compiled until 2018—Asians are now lumped into the “other” category, a suspicious decision that merits investigation—black males are the main perpetrators of the pandemic’s anti-Asian hate crimes, and there’re videos supporting this claim that the media isn’t going to show you. The media’s problem is that, under the current progressive definition of racism, blacks can’t be racists because, as a group, they have no power. Since reporting that black males are committing race-based violence against another minority group runs counter to this narrative, the media finesses it by not mentioning the race of the assailant if he’s black.

It’s not racist to point out who’s committing these hate crimes—data can’t be racist. Anti-Asian hate crimes were up by about 150 percent in 2020, so it’s a serious problem that needs to be addressed head-on, not danced around. But what we’ll get are more articles like the one Yahoo News ran in February, “Anti-Asian violence has been rampant. Here’s why it’s not always a ’hate crime.’” Suddenly, the media wants to make sure we don’t exaggerate a specific hate crime problem. The authors of the piece say it’s important to use “precise, accurate language in discussing” anti-Asian violence. In other words, use precisely the opposite sort of language progressives use when attributing an incident to “white supremacy.”

That narrative doesn’t write itself, you know. Also in the Splice Today article above:

The USA Today article spells it out with this observation on all of the instant ‘experts’ weighing in: ‘But the evidence, they thought, is in our experience. Experience reflecting centuries of white supremacy.’ ‘Lived experience’ is now considered ‘evidence’ of a crime, and the media runs with it because everyone’s become entitled to their own reality.

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