January 27, 2004

WOW, THAT DIDN’T TAKE LONG: Wonkette has so infuriated the Rittenhouse Review that it’s adopting a “choose me or choose her!” approach. (“If you link to ‘Wonkette’ through your blogroll you cannot and will not enjoy, for what that might be worth, a link from The Rittenhouse Review.”) Is that wise?

UPDATE: Will we see more things like this? Or this? Could be.

ANOTHER UPDATE: Reader Aaron Cutler emails:

Not only does Rittenhouse make linking threats about Wonkette, they call her an Andy-Grove-esque gossip. Uh, I think they mean Lloyd Grove.

I wondered about that. If Andy Grove has a reputation for gossip, I’m unaware of it. Meanwhile Porphyrogenitus challenges me to blogroll Wonkette, and risk the Wrath of Capozzola. Do I look that brave?

MORE: Hmm. Now he’s taking it back, in an update dated January 26, which wasn’t there last night. I guess if you can confuse the Groves, you can confuse the date, too.

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