March 26, 2021


Joe Biden is the face of the United States. But Joe Biden no longer looks like Joe Biden. And he no longer sounds like Joe Biden — especially in the long and excruciating silences when he forgets what he’s saying or fumbles for his cue cards.

The United States no longer looks like itself either. The sorry theatrical display of Biden’s first press conference is an accurate image of what has happened to American democracy. A carefully limited number of carefully selected journalists asked carefully vetted questions. A carefully chosen president read carefully written answers off his cue cards, and carefully avoided taking any questions from Fox or Newsmax.

The White House is no longer the home of democracy. It’s a reality TV series in a care home. Biden mused about how the country has lost its way, about how it used to be so much better, but he seemed fatalistically feeble, as if it was all too much and all too late, and he has already given up. As if the nation is in its twilight years.

‘We’ve got so much more to do,’ he said, as he continually does. But he also ad-libbed, ‘I’ve never been able to plan three-and-a-half, four years ahead.’

How funny. How sadly reflective of the senility of American democracy that he thought that was a smart answer. How shamefully embarrassing for the compliant, complicit media that not one of his questioners bothered to ask whether an inability to plan for the future was what the American people need in their president — especially a 78-year-old who says he expects to run, if that is really the word, in 2024, when he will be 82.

And the DNC-MSM are happy to prop up their doddering boss until it’s time to swamp him out for Kamala: WaPo media columnist warns journalists ahead of Biden’s first press conference.

Ahead of President Joe Biden’s first solo press conference on Thursday, Washington Post media columnist Margaret Sullivan warned the media about their behavior lest they embarrass him.

“But when President Biden steps to the lectern Thursday, the pressure will also be on the White House press corps themselves, as reporters recalibrate after the tumultuous, misinformation-filled years of Donald Trump to a president who is far less showy and, to date, much more truthful.”
“It’s a major test for news organizations and reporters in covering Biden.”

“Covering” Biden: New photos show cheat sheets used by Biden during his first press conference. “Biden only took questions from a list of journalists whose names and outlets he read from a cue card. A photo of the card shows circled numbers around select reporters. In the early stages of the 62 minutes presser, in which Biden fielded 10 questions, the president appeared to repeatedly lose his train of thought, forgetting questions and asking reporters if they wanted him to give detailed answers.”

And like Pravda covering a speech by sclerotic general secretaries such as Andropov or Chernenko, their hilariously orgasmic response is pre-arranged: ‘You can’t be this stupid, right?’ NBC journo slobbering all over Biden ‘knocking it out of the park’ during presser backfires hilariously.

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