March 8, 2021

THAT’S NOT FUNNY: So This Conservative Comic Goes on Social Media and… “Openly conservative stand-up Nick Di Paolo got suspended from YouTube for supposedly sharing false information, after ridiculing the left’s exaggerations of the virus in attacking President Trump. Comedian Chrissie Mayr’s video mocking China’s handling of COVID-19 — ‘Kung Flu Fighting’ — was erased by Instagram, which deemed it ‘hate speech’ despite featuring a diverse lineup of comics. The Babylon Bee, the right’s online answer to the satirical site The Onion, has been at war with Facebook for years. The social media giant intermittently threatens to de-platform the site for spoof articles that moderators apparently take seriously, such as its 2018 report that CNN had purchased industrial-sized washing machines to better ‘spin’ the news.”

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