March 6, 2021

(HOW REFRESHING.) Biden Press Secretary: Trump Admin Doesn’t Deserve Credit for COVID Vaccine Rollout.

It’s hard to determine which has been more infuriating: Biden, Harris, and other Democrats deliberately undermining the vaccine last year by telling people it could be unsafe if “rushed through because of politics,” Democrats conveniently flip-flopping on that position after the election, or the Biden administration delivering slaps to the faces of Operation Warp Speed members who worked their fannies off to help make what was said to be impossible happen before the end of the year.

Biden can try and cover himself in glory all he wants on how the vaccine rollout has gone so far, but the facts are what they are. No amount of posturing and “circling back” on the issue from Psaki or any other spinmeister in this administration is going to change that.

In other news regarding the Circle Back Girl: Jen Psaki Tries to Explain Joe Biden’s ‘Neanderthal’ Insult, and People Feel the Unity.

(Classical reference in headline.)

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