March 4, 2021

ABUSING THE TROOPS: Nancy Pelosi’s Capital Pawns:

Have we really reached the point where National Guard soldiers in their third month of protecting the Capitol are poisoned with rotten food, worms and metal shavings and no one cares?

The contempt shown to these soldiers by their Washington, DC, masters is as sickening as the rancid slop they’ve been served.

Barstool Sports last week was the first to publish stomach-churning photos of raw chicken and beef, moldy bread rolls and rotten fruit, along with firsthand complaints from anonymous soldiers.

At least 50 soldiers were struck ill with “gastrointestinal complaints” after eating the meals and several required hospital treatment.

It’s not as if the troops are in a hardship posting like Afghanistan. Where is the respect?

It was bad enough when they were thrown out of the Capitol into a freezing garage in January.

These soldiers have left jobs and families to protect lawmakers in their nation’s capital, however ­politicized that duty is.

Do any lawmakers care about them? Sure a few members of Congress have huffed and puffed.

But no one will explain why they still are there, guarding a Capitol walled off by razor wire, other than as human props in a narrative concocted by House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and the Dems to traduce their political opponents.

Presuming upon the loyalty of troops you treat badly is a kindergarten-level error. Pelosi et al. want to turn America into a banana republic, but they aren’t even good at banana republicking. I suppose in a way that’s a positive sign.

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