December 30, 2003

“IF YOU HAVE SOMETHING TO SAY THAT’S INTERESTING, you will eventually be heard.” Here’s a lengthy and interesting roundup of the political blog world by USA Today’s Kathy Kiely.

UPDATE: Hey, it’s on the front page of the print edition. (Via Jeff Jarvis, with a reference to the Velvet Underground). And Kos is quoted in a breakout box right up front!

ANOTHER UPDATE: Several readers, like Rich Whitten, question the article’s characterization of InstaPundit as “right leaning:”

The article in USA Today that you just linked says:

Glenn Reynolds, a University of Tennessee law professor whose is one of the more popular right-leaning Web sites, says the blogosphere has become an “idea farm” for the established media.

Right-leaner? I guess supporting the war makes you a right-leaner despite your stances on ANYTHING else. Sigh.

Some folks just have to push everyone into right or left labels. Man, I hate it when that happens…

Sadly, I’ve gotten so used to it that I’ve about quit noticing.

By the way, here’s a guide to econoblogs, from Bruce Bartlett.

MORE: Ed Cone emails:

When I needed a quick id for your blog in my Baseline article, I thought rightwing and the like were way too limiting – I went with “who supports George Bush on Iraq” – still limited, but at least it defines the blog by a key issue, not a broad brush.

Yeah. To a lot of people, I think the two are the same, now. That seems like a poor definitional strategy to folks who don’t want “right wing” to be the same as “majority,” though.

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