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December 27, 2003

AUSTIN BAY SAYS that the Nobel Peace Prize should go to coalition forces:

Frankly, the grand accolade U.S. GIs have earned is the Nobel Peace Prize.

Peaceniks perish the thought? It’s high time, actually. Pacifists didn’t liberate Nazi concentration camps, American GIs and British Tommies did. This past year, U.S. Central Command and crack line units like the Army’s 3rd Infantry Division did far more to promote and secure real peace and justice on this broken and brutalized planet Earth than decades of posturing peace marches and thousands of toothless U.N. declarations deploring dictators and genocide.

In the raw mathematics called body count, dropping Saddam’s fascist death machine saved 50,000 to 60,000 Iraqi lives — the innocents his henchmen would have slain during 2003 while the United Nations fiddled and France burned with anti-American ressentiment.

Hmm. Hey, one of the few perks of being a law professor is that I can nominate people for the Nobel Peace Prize. This sounds pretty good. . . .

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