February 25, 2021

PRIVACY: This browser extension shows what the Internet would look like without Big Tech. “The Economic Security Project is trying to make a point about big tech monopolies by releasing a browser plugin that will block any sites that reach out to IP addresses owned by Google, Facebook, Microsoft, or Amazon. The extension is called Big Tech Detective, and after using the internet with it for a day (or, more accurately, trying and failing to use), I’d say it drives home the point that it’s almost impossible to avoid these companies on the modern web, even if you try.”

HOTEL GOOGLEFORNIA: You can check out any time you like but you can never leave.

If you use the internet, it’s basically impossible not to serve as a tiny profit center for any of these companies — no matter how much you might dislike their products or services, or how much you might disagree with their management or business practices.

As an economic libertarian, I’m always wary of government “solutions,” which generally prove to be worse than the problem. But when a company has grown so large and powerful that consumer choice holds no veto power over them, it’s time to swing the antitrust hammer.

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