February 24, 2021

WITH APLOMB: How Starlink Is About To Disrupt The Telecommunications Sector.

Starlink’s evolution very interesting: on the one hand, it is leveraging SpaceX’s rocket launch missions, a company that has managed to systematically lower the cost and entry barriers for putting satellites into orbit (it can launch up to 60 satellites at a time, or even use them to fill idle capacity on other missions). At the same time, it has created its own satellite technology, making them much cheaper, more efficient, and with a very low failure rate. But above all, it aims to create an infrastructure that can be used anywhere in the world, simply by offering it through a web page, without the need for too much development of corporate infrastructure in each market: the antennas can be installed independently, and the service can be provided with almost no need to deploy teams of people to provide backup.

Musk is also learning how to operate the satellite constellation he’ll need for communications on his eventual Mars colonies.

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