November 29, 2003

IRAQI BLOGGER THE MESOPOTAMIAN has comments on Bush’s Iraq visit:

Yes GWB, though the visit was brief, it was very meaningful. We know that you have come, not as the President of an invading nation, but as the friend who wishes to renew commitment to our people, and as long as your intentions are what you have repeatedly said (and we don’t doubt your sincerity), the land and the hearts welcome you.

It gives us pain that the visit is so short and that the masses cannot in the present circumstances come out to give you the welcome that you deserve, but the day will come, the day will come (God’s Willing). Yes the day will come when the millions will come out to welcome the best friend that the Mesopotamian people have ever had, and he will be amongst the most devoted and allied people that America will ever have.

The bones in the mass graves salute you, Avenger of the Bones.

Wow. Meanwhile, Tacitus rounds up some other reactions to Bush’s visit.

UPDATE: I think that these are the bones he means.

ANOTHER UPDATE: Apparently, meanwhile, the folks at Counterpunch need lessons in remedial time-telling. Er, among many, many other things. Bill Whittle, on the other hand, can tell time — and do the math.

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