November 27, 2003

TURKEYBLOGGING: Blogging will be limited today; as usual, we’re having both families over, and I’m cooking two (!) legs of lamb as well as a small turkey for the traditionalists. On the other hand, the computer’s always on, so I’ll probably blog a bit.

Enjoy your thanksgiving. And Lileks — who’s planning to take next month off — has a Thanksgiving post up.

And here’s good Thanksgiving news from Sofia, Bulgaria:

Anyway, I wrote about last Thanksgiving at the Hilton, which was not my very best post, but was easily my best title for any given post. Aside from inept turkey-carving skills, their only problem then was that they had no stuffing. So I asked my aunt to sent her stuffing recipe. Then I gave it to the Hilton. Viola: Hilton is serving my aunt’s stuffing for Thanksgiving! Now that friggin’ service!

I need to visit that country.

UPDATE: Hey, even though I won’t be blogging as much as usual, but the Volunteer Tailgate Party is up, and has links to a diverse array of interesting blog posts. Enjoy ’em all — it’s like a rich and filling Thanksgiving blog-buffet!

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