November 24, 2003


CAMP LEMONIER, Djibouti (AP) – U.S. forces have disrupted several planned terrorist attacks against Western and other targets in the Horn of Africa and local authorities have killed or captured more than two dozen militants, the U.S. general in command of an anti-terrorism task force told The Associated Press.

Of the hundreds of foreign fighters detained by U.S. troops in Iraq, approximately 25 percent come from the seven countries that fall under the purview of the Combined Joint Task Force-Horn of Africa, Marine Brig. Gen. Mastin Robeson told AP in his first in-depth interview since taking command in May 2003. . . .

“I think we have frustrated the terrorists,” Robeson said. “Mission success does not necessarily only resonate in how many people we either capture or kill, because when we put them on the move, they’re now out of their comfort zone and they are vulnerable.”

There are no prisoners being held at the tented camp in Djibouti, military officials said, and Robeson refused to say how many terrorists his men have captured in U.S. operations.

I think that there’s a lot more going on in Africa than meets the eye.

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