January 26, 2021

NEWS YOU CAN USE: How To Deprogram the Sun.

Following are the procedures for deprogramming The New York Sun. We offer them in light of Katie Couric’s swipe at Trump supporters. “The question,” she told Bill Maher, “is how are we going to really almost deprogram these people who have signed up for the cult of Trump.” The Washington Post columnist Eugene Robinson reckons the number of Americans who need to be deprogrammed is in the “millions.”

Ms. Couric’s remark seems to be rippling through the Internet. Just this week, Meghan McCain told the View that she doesn’t need to be reprogrammed, thank you very much. Of those calling for all this reprogramming, Ms. McCain advised, “Honestly, they can go to hell.” Good for her, we say, though for those who are interested, here are the manufacturer’s steps for deprogramming the Sun.

Step 1. Disconnecting the Republican solenoid. This device was installed after the Civil War by the Sun’s new proprietor, Charles Dana. Before the war, Dana had been fired from the Tribune by that jackanape Horace Greeley, who’d endorsed Southern secession, to which Dana’d objected. Whereupon Dana got hired by Abe Lincoln to cover the war for one reader — the president. Detach the ground wire only after this step.

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