January 17, 2021

OH, THE POCKETBOOK WAS PART OF IT: HuffPo: Trump Supporters’ Main Problem Was Never The Economy.

But I take the point. The peons should not have the money for even small luxuries.  Also note “the insurrectionists wore costumes.”
Dear Lord. The future historians, if there are future historians, will laugh themselves sick over this nonsense.
Dear left, no matter how many papier mache puppets you deployed in the service of your causes, you were never serious revolutionaries.  You were privileged, elite common or garden variety idiots putting on a show of outrage and revolution for your peers.

And the people in “costumes” at the capitol were just …. people letting steam off. Not serious insurrectionists or revolutionaries of any kind. The greatest danger for Pelosi was catching buffalo lice or something.

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