January 11, 2021

A BAN TOO FAR: Donald Trump’s Twitter account receives a very unexpected defender.

And before any liberals see this and try to raise the tired old objection about how Trump (or anyone else) can simply go elsewhere to make their voice hear, unless you’re completely daft you know that’s dishonest. There is no comparable platform to Twitter in terms of global reach in real-time. When somebody tries to start one (*cough* Parler *cough*) Big Tech rallies their massive muscle to shut them down. And even if they don’t succeed, no other platform in that arena has grown to even a fraction of a percent of the volume the giants have.

So Angela Merkel is pretty much on point here. I rarely get the opportunity to sing her praises, but she was willing to stand up for the value of free speech, even when the speech is coming from someone she clearly despises and has frequently used it to target her. Well done, Madam Chancellor. I am honestly impressed.

You know you’re over your skis when the Germans (Merkel is a graduate of Karl Marx University, to boot) question your censorship.

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