October 28, 2003

BARKING MOONBAT ALERT: The anti-Americanism of groups like A.N.S.W.E.R. comes in for lots of criticism, as it should. But as more proof that there’s less and less difference between the far left and the far right, check out this photo I’m pretty sure that these are the kids of “Pastor” Fred Phelps, though this story doesn’t say. The signs read: “God Blew Up the Shuttle,” “God Hates America,” and “God Hates Fag Enablers.”

I caught the tail end of a segment on this on my local talk-radio show. Most of the callers were extremely negative on the subject, though the host was engaged in a Socratic dialogue with one who thought that America was evil because it was tolerating homosexuality, and that tolerance would inspire God to come down in his wrath upon us all.

Yeah: No-show for the Holocaust, or Rwanda, or what’s going on in North Korea, but he’s going to come down from the clouds and hurl lightning bolts if two guys get married.

Unless God is a barking moonbat — which some early Christians believed — I’m not convinced that these guys have it right.

UPDATE: Yep, it was Fred. Those might be his grandkids, though. I don’t think that he has any “parishioners” who aren’t members of his family.

ANOTHER UPDATE: Grandkids, indeed. Michele Catalano is all over this guy.

YET ANOTHER UPDATE: I guess God’s wrath is about to rain down on Taiwan.

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