January 9, 2021

FLASHBACK: NO ENEMIES ON THE LEFT: Bernie Bro with Van Full of Guns and Explosives Plotted to Assassinate Biden. Media Buries the Lede, as Usual.

What was Treisman’s motive? He must be one of those evil Proud Boys or crazy QAnon freaks we keep hearing so much about, right?

Wrong. But to find out the actual motive, you have to go all the way down to paragraph 15 of the WaPo story (emphasis mine):

The 19-year-old’s focus on Biden started in the spring, according to the order… Days after Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.) suspended his presidential campaign, Treisman, who had suggested in a Reddit post that he had to “save bernie,” posted a meme with the caption questioning whether he should kill Biden.

Oh. He’s a Bernie Bro. He wanted to kill Biden to somehow help Bernie.

But you sure wouldn’t know that by reading the headline (“A 19-year-old with a van full of guns and explosives plotted to assassinate Biden, federal officials say”) or the first 14 paragraphs. Isn’t that kind of important?

No, it isn’t, because WaPo wants you to think a conservative or a right-winger or some other designated villain did it. That’s the game.

They all did the same thing in 2017 when a Bernie Bro named James T. Hodgkinson shot up a baseball field where some Republican congressmen were practicing. Steve Scalise was seriously wounded and almost killed. And the media bent over backwards to avoid mentioning that Hodgkinson was a staunch supporter of Bernie Sanders. Hell, within two months of the shooting, they had quit mentioning Hodgkinson at all.

Read the whole thing.


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