January 10, 2021


Then there is the matter of Twitter banning the President’s Twitter account. The consequences of that action, as well as Google and Apple taking steps to ban Parler, will reach far and beyond the events at the Capitol. What those moves certainly won’t do is lead to any form of depolarization. These tech platforms are not going to be able to disappear 70 million people from the internet. Those people will simply be chased further underground where they will develop more mistrust that corporate media and Big Tech are in fact their enemy. Neither the media or Big Tech will do much to earn the trust of those people back.

Trump will slink away and out of power, just as he did at the conclusion of his speech on Wednesday. That much is known. However if Joe Biden and the media have any intent on ‘healing’ and ‘unifying’ post-Trump and Trumpism, they haven’t done much to show it. Maybe this is because it’s in the best interest of the Biden agenda, and the revenue of Big Tech, and the audience retention of the corporate media to keep us as we are — a nation divided.

When Obama was elected, the DNC-MSM loved cranking out pieces headlined, “We Are All Socialists Now,” “The Death of Conservatism,” and “James Carville Angles For ’40 More Years,'” as NPR gushed about Carville’s then-latest book in May of 2009. It was part wish fulfillment, and part propping up their nervous core readers — “We don’t have to worry about those guys anymore.” And then the Tea Party coalesced, and by mid-2016, NPR was reduced to running this headline: The Democratic Party Got Crushed During The Obama Presidency. Here’s Why.

In 2021, Democrats don’t care how much they’re angering the right, partly because of their hatred of Trump and his “Deplorables,” as Hillary would say, and partly because, as Stephen Miller writes above, it suits their business model. Once again, this could be a very big mistake on their part.

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