January 8, 2021

KICKED OUT OF THE COMEDY CLUB: Andrew Doyle wonders why so many comedians are offended by the satire of Titania McGrath.

The reaction of the “comedy community” — if such a thing exists — was particularly revealing. Suddenly, comics I had known and worked with for years began to block me on social media, or write blog posts to express their displeasure at my diabolical creation. Those who knew me to be fundamentally opposed to racial discrimination started referring to me as “alt-right”, a shorthand term for white nationalist. Others accused me of being a shill for foreign powers and claimed that I was being funded by “dark money”. I remember thinking that this money must be very dark indeed, given that I have never actually seen any of it.

When I appeared at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival in 2019, I would spend some evenings in the performers’ bars where acts, critics and other hobgoblins of the industry would mingle and pretend to enjoy each other’s company. Not that I particularly relish these fleshpots of nepotism and mutual masturbation, but at least I would see some familiar faces. After a while, I could not help but notice that when I approached old friends from the circuit to catch up, they would look around nervously. At first I assumed this was my own paranoia, brought on by the unbridled consumption of cheap prosecco, but then a companion of mine made the same observation. These people I had been acquainted with for years, who knew me to be a decent person, were nonetheless clearly now afraid of being spotted in my vicinity.

What are we to conclude from this? It would take considerable comedic illiteracy to interpret Titania as “punching down” at minority groups, and I like to think that most stand-ups are familiar with how satire works. I can accept such misapprehensions from writers for the Guardian or the New Statesman, but that’s because these publications probably weed out anyone with a sense of humour at the interview stage. Comedians, on the other hand, are rarely successful if they are unfamiliar with the concept of levity.

Read the whole thing. As Peter Hitchens wrote in The Abolition of Britain, the satire revolution of the 1960s and ‘70s was a weapon to radically transform Britain. Coupled with the rise of both PC and “saftetyism,” no wonder British comedian are so angry with Doyle and “Titania McGrath.”

And speaking of the latter, don’t miss “her” take on Biden’s Brave New World: “As we move into 2021, Biden’s brave message resounds throughout our new woke empire. It is time for healing. It is time for hope. Above all, it is time for unity. So let’s make a list of everyone who voted the wrong way and deal with them as soon as possible.”

That was written some time before this week’s events. The DNC-MSM is already hard at work on the idea:

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