January 7, 2021

JIM TREACHER: Rioting Is Wrong, No Matter What You Think Lin Wood Wants.

Well, yesterday we had a riot the media can’t get behind. Finally, it was more than just “unruly.” It only took them seven months to catch up, but they finally agree with me that rioting is wrong. That’s something, I guess.

Just because they’re hypocrites doesn’t mean I have to be one, as if that somehow spites them. I unequivocally condemn the riot at the Capitol Building yesterday, and I reject all the excuses and conspiracy theories and other demented nonsense being used to downplay it. It’s a complete disgrace, and if you defend it, you’re a fool.

And Donald Trump is responsible for his part in inciting that violent mob. Those people thought they were doing what he wanted them to do. They listened to what he told them, and they stormed the Capitol. Even as he “called for peace” yesterday, he egged them on by insisting the election was stolen from him. I honestly thought he couldn’t get any worse, but once again he proved me wrong.

Read the whole thing.

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