December 17, 2020

BIG TECH ON BIG TECH: Facebook criticizes Apple’s iOS privacy changes with full-page newspaper ads. “Developers will need to ask iOS 14 users for permission to gather data and track them across mobile apps and websites on an iPhone and iPad soon. Apple had planned to implement these changes with the initial iOS 14 release in September, but delayed enforcing them until early next year. These changes will impact Facebook’s ad business, and in particular its ad network for developers and businesses, as end users are more likely to opt out of tracking prompts.”

Actually, in the just-released iOS 14.3, end-users must opt in to app tracking.

Apps can’t even ask for permission to use tracking unless this new switch is set to on, and it’s set to off by default.

Apple’s motivation might be less about consumer privacy than it is about denying revenue to Facebook, but they have enhanced consumer privacy.

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