September 30, 2003

DANIEL DREZNER HAS MORE on Wilson/Plame, and quotes some pretty strong words from The Note about prejudgement.

Meanwhile Howard Kurtz notes that the press isn’t looking too good, and quotes a reader:

“Do the reporters, Andrea Mitchell and five others, who were contacted by the two ‘Bush senior administartion officials’ have any obligations to these sources since they did not report the story about Joseph Wilson’s wife? Would it be unethical for them to comment about which ‘Bush senior administration officials’ contacted them about stories that were not reported?”

“Why is it that lower echelon reporters like Jayson Blair at the New York Times get fired for plagiarism, but at the same time syndicated columnists like Robert Novak, and by complicity Fred Hiatt, your editorial page director, can destroy a career and risk a life with impunity?”

It is a bit odd to see journalists running around pronouncing a scandal and — by implication, and sometimes explicitly — calling for an investigation when they know the truth and won’t report it. Isn’t it? And Roger Simon is worried:

If you think I’m wrong, just reflect for a second on all the yelling and screaming about this matter that appeared in the media and on the Internet yesterday, and from politicians of course, before any of them knew the facts. Imagine what will happen when they think they do.

I think that was what The Note was getting at, too.

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