December 1, 2020

ROGER SIMON: Despite Barr, Georgia Voter Fraud Investigation Continues.

Perdue, Dickey told me, was Trump’s favorite senator, in part because both were outsiders, businessmen who came late to politics and were not political lifers of the Pelosi-Biden ilk.

Both Dickey and my friend were early Trump supporters, realized the abnormalities in the presidential election were legion, but were now laser-focused on that senatorial race, as if it were a do or die situation for our country—and maybe it is.

The fear is that rural voters, almost all of whom are pro-Trump, are so fed up with the Republican establishment not supporting the president in his electoral protest that they won’t come out to vote in the runoff. But no one had an easy suggestion of how to help with that, short of recalling the current Republican governor and secretary of state.

Dems see this as a point of vulnerability, and suspiciously sock-puppetish people in my comments are pushing the teach-them-a-lesson-by-giving-the-Senate-to-the-Democrats line.

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