November 24, 2020

NEWS YOU CAN USE: Buy a Pulse Oximeter in Case You Catch Covid. I was looking into why having a pulse oximeter at home in case you get Covid for the reasons discussed in the link isn’t strongly recommended by the public health establishment. Having read a bunch of articles that acknowledge the potential benefits but stop short of recommending purchase, medical professionals are afraid people with low levels for other reasons (like sleep apnea) will become convinced they have Covid, that people feeling really, really awful with Covid who may need medical attention won’t call them them if their blood oxygen levels are okay, and so forth. I.e., some people are too stupid to use it wisely/properly. Some people may in fact be, but why refrain from recommending it for everyone on that basis? I think it’s the same with Vitamin D–fear that instead of taking a reasonable dose to ensure no deficiency, people will conclude that if 2000 IUs daily is good, 200,000 (which is toxic) is better. We really shouldn’t be making medical policy based on the (perceived) lowest common denominator

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