August 26, 2003

THE KRYSTAL PICTURE BELOW seems to have inspired nostalgia in some Knoxville expatriates, who want more pictures of Knoxville. Here’s one from in front of the law school. Click on the image for a larger version. (Here’s another.)

Quite a few people seemed to be offended by the notion that Krystals are better than White Castles. Well, I know there’s regional pride and everything, but what can I say: Krystals are better than White Castles.

I’ve eaten both, and, well, there’s just no comparison at all. I don’t see what makes Krispy Kreme so appealing — to me they’re just donuts — but Krystal has White Castle beat hollow.

And they have FREE WI-FI! I’d like to see White Castle beat that!

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