October 28, 2020

BAD OPTICS: Biden Tries to Project Energy By Going to Where FDR Went to Die.

Biden tried to mix his doomsaying about the virus that is going to get all of us whose lives haven’t already been destroyed by The White Man with some positive notes: “It is hard when you drive in here,” he observed, “not to think of the circumstances President Roosevelt faithed [sic] and how he overcame so much for so many.” Biden played up the hopeful aspects of Roosevelt’s history in Warm Springs, asserting that it was “a good place to talk about hope and healing,” since it was to that “Franklin Roosevelt came to use the therapeutic waters to rebuild himself” after he contracted polio.

Yes, that’s all true. In an uncomfortable parallel with the Biden campaign, not only did FDR die in Warm Springs; he did so after deceiving the American people for many months about the seriousness of his condition. Despite Joe’s numerous verbal slip-ups and increasingly obvious signs of dementia, the Biden campaign continues to insist that their man is just fine, and in fact more vigorous and in the pink of health than the president who is traversing the country holding three rallies a day.

The Washington Examiner described Biden’s visit to Warm Springs thusly: Biden previews FDR-like administration during unity pitch in Georgia.

While the trip to Warm Springs ended badly for Roosevelt, getting to that point was no picnic for the American people, either: FDR’s policies prolonged Depression by 7 years, UCLA economists calculate.

And speaking of painfully sluggish economies, wasn’t there already an “FDR-like administration” not all that long ago?

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