July 29, 2003


TIKRIT, Iraq (AP) — American soldiers overpowered and arrested a bodyguard who rarely left Saddam Hussein’s side Tuesday and said they obtained documents and information that could help them close in on the former dictator.

From the next quote, I get the idea that the troops are starting to tire of lame press questions:

The stocky bodyguard struggled to break free as soldiers arrested him, and they had to wrestle him to the ground and drag him down the stairs, Russell said.

“Were we surprised? He’s a bodyguard. That’s why we went in with our steely knives and oily guns,” Russell said.

And their razor-sharp wits, though those seem to be deployed less against the Iraqis than against people who ask dumb questions. I think Rumsfeld started this, and it’s filtered down to the troops.

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