October 17, 2020

ROGER SIMON: Twitter’s Old Rules Worse Than Their New Rules.

The GOP has only itself to blame. Andrew Breitbart warned us years ago: “Politics is downstream of culture.”

Few listened—or did anything about it anyway.

Result: TwitterFacebook, Google, Netflix, YouTube, and on and on. They rule the world.

Everyone, or almost everyone, crumbles before them, from your kindergarten teacher to major American corporations scared of being accused of racism, sexism or whatever new ism pops out of the mouth of Maisie Hirono.

You have to survive, after all.

“Better ‘woke’ than broke” has become today’s version of “Better Red than dead.” Indeed, they are much the same thing.

We live in the world according to Twitter, Facebook, and Google. A deceased Brit gave us the name for it. Welcome, as Tucker Carlson noted the other night, to the Ministry of Truth.

So when Twitter announces—via Vijaya Gadde, its “Legal, Policy and Trust & Safety Lead”—their two new principles in the wake of the Hunter/Joe Bidenemail censorship scandal, caveat emptor.

The first, about hacked content, is so much eyewash. The second is extremely dangerous and, yes, Orwellian:

“2. We will label Tweets to provide context instead of blocking links from being shared on Twitter”

I see. They will “provide context.”

This is actually more sinister than their previous approach—censorship. At least that was obvious.

This is, in essence, thought control.

You, the great unwashed, are not capable of analyzing for yourself. You need guidance—the same guidance they provided when publishing ad infinitum obvious disinformation about non-existent Trump-Russia collusion or propaganda from Javad Zarif, foreign minister of a country whose citizens are not allowed access to the internet but just happens to have 1.5 million Twitter followers.

I wrote “publishing” above because that’s what Twitter does, despite their denials and insistence that they only link to other publishers, supposedly giving Twitter itself a firewall against lawsuits.

This appears all the more ludicrous given their new rule two, which indicates that not only are they curating, they are editorializing (i.e., publishing… Congress take note).

So, in the words of V. I. Lenin, what is to be done?


Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey will be subpoenaed to testify on Post censorship.

Justice Dept. ready to charge Google with monopoly search practices.

UPDATE: The Models for Taming Social Media.

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