June 26, 2003

GO TO JAMES LILEKS’ SITE. Read The Bleat. Scroll to bottom of page. (Er, well, you’re already there if you’ve read The Bleat, I guess.) Donate to tip jar. Repeat as desired.

UPDATE: John Scalzi is more eloquent than the above:

If you’ve ever enjoyed the Bleat or one of his books, go leave him a nice tip. James is not claiming poverty or hardship, nor is he suggesting that what’s going on in his household is the end of the world. He’s not even asking people to hit his tip jar (aside from the fact that his tip jar exists at all). My suggestion about you leaving him a tip isn’t about that. It’s just a way to let him know you appreciate the Bleat, and that he and his lovely and talented wife will soon see the backend of this blip, and in the meantime, here’s what you’d pay to buy him that drink you’d undoubtedly have together if you happened to be in Minneapolis at the moment.

What he said. As I can attest, while the money from online donations is, of course nice — it’s money, after all — it’s the fact that strangers like your stuff enough to send you money when they don’t even have to that makes it especially gratifying and cheering. I’m still surprised every time it happens, and the fact that it happens at all is causing me to rethink my view of economics. But that’s another post. For now, go send Lileks money and cheer.

ANOTHER UPDATE: Apparently, enough contributions have gone in to cause Amazon’s computers to seize up. You can always mail him a check care of the Star Tribune of course.

BTW, I should note that I completely misread his post yesterday — I thought he was in trouble over The Bleat. Judging by my email, so did pretty much everyone who read it. I’m glad that’s not the case.

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