October 10, 2020


At this stage, the third Trump-Biden contest in Nashville on Oct. 22 is still going ahead.

The Trump campaign later issued a statement on the cancelation.

“There is no medical reason to stop the Oct. 15 debate in Miami from proceeding as scheduled, since the President will be healthy and ready to debate. There is also no reason there shouldn’t be the three total presidential debates as Joe Biden had originally agreed. We have suggested using Oct. 22 and Oct. 29 to hold the final two debates. It’s time for the biased commission to stop protecting Biden and preventing voters from hearing from the two candidates for president,” said Tim Murtaugh, Trump 2020 communications director.

And earlier, The Post reported that as many as 175 medical doctors from across the nation have written to the commission saying an in-person debate would be safe as long as social distancing guidelines were followed by both Trump and Biden.

According to CNN, Trump is in talks to take part in a solo NBC town hall on the night of the cancelled Miami meet-up.

Prior to the announcement, Jim Treacher wrote: Debate Moderator Steve Scully Asks Anthony Scaramucci for Help With Trump, Debate Commission Claims He Was Hacked.

The Commission on Presidential Debates is investigating the dog’s feces for traces of the homework Steve Scully failed to turn in.

So now the journalists and other Democrats will circle the wagons and proclaim Scully is the finest and most evenhanded reporter who has ever lived. Anybody who scoffs will be branded a MAGA-head Trumper who’s not worth listening to anyway. And then they’ll wonder, for the millionth time, why so many Americans distrust and revile them.

How are our moral, ethical, and intellectual betters in the press supposed to give us the truth if we keep busting them for lying?

I‘m honestly surprised to see C-Span going the Joy Reid/Anderson Cooper/Anthony Weiner route as a modified limited hangout. It will likely work in the short-term, but it won’t do much for their reputation. Scully hasn’t helped matters by apparently first deleting his Twitter account, and then protecting his tweets:

Incidentally, yesterday’s incident is at least the third time Scully has claimed his account was “hacked.”

Perhaps it’s best for all concerned to: Retire the Commission on Presidential Debates. “Two-hundred-and-thirty-three. That is the combined age of the three co-chairs of the Commission on Presidential Debates, an organization which has become embroiled in several eyebrow-raising incidents in the past three elections. (Candy Crowley anyone?) The debates haven’t revealed much this election season. Trump is being Trump and Biden is allowed to skate by without answering questions. In fact, the most consequential revelation has been how ill-equipped the Commission for Presidential Debates is for the moment, and for the future. The Commission finds itself as the focal point of the debates, thanks to their choices of moderators and their on-the-fly rule changes.”


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