June 24, 2003

CHRISTIAN BLOGGERS ON HARRY POTTER: “Funny, 700+ links. Not one of them condeming anyone to hell for reading the book, though some concern with regards over seeking to find Biblical analogies and metaphors within this particular body of fiction.”

Not everyone, however, is as enlightened — something with which I have firsthand experience. But I survived unscathed. And I stand by my Elizabeth Montgomery / Melissa Joan Hart point.

UPDATE: Reader Mark Jones emails:

Two points on your argument that witches would all be babes.

1. Well, yeah, Elizabeth Montgomery and Melissa Joan Hart are definitely babes. And, yeah, if you have that kind of power why not be a babe?

2. On the other hand, Samantha Stevens had a lot of witchly relatives, many of whom where not–to put it charitably–babealicious. Maybe they were makinng fashion/political statements, but I dunno. I suspect the distribution of babes among witches (barring spells to change their appearance) is fairly normal.

Of course, I may be overthinking this just a tad.

Gee, do you think?

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