September 25, 2020

BECCA LOWER: Never Mind “Hidin’ Biden”; Where’s Kamala?

Surely she wasn’t practicing up for her sole debate against Vice President Pence in early October. Notice that the media was completely consumed with defending Biden’s AWOL act — and no one was asking about his running mate’s whereabouts. Why the lid for Harris, too?

As The Hill’s media critic Joe Concha put it in a tweet shared in S.T.’s piece, “There hasn’t been a more invisible vice presidential candidate in history than Kamala Harris.”

Indeed. The vice presidential nominee of one of the major, U.S. political parties hasn’t held a press conference since she was chosen by the then-presumptive nominee for the Democrat presidential nomination. Just a reminder: that was August 19th — 43 days, through September 24th.

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