September 22, 2020

THEY SURE AREN’T ACTING AS THOUGH THEY EXPECT BIDEN TO WIN: Colorado Is The Test Run For Democrats’ Vote-By-Mail Blame Game.

Democrats have a new prime target in their political sights: U.S. Postal Service and Postmaster General Louis DeJoy. On Friday, Colorado Secretary of State Jena Griswold sued USPS and DeJoy for a supposed “attempt at voter suppression that violates the United States Constitution and federal statutes and must be stopped immediately.” This time, the “voter suppression” and “constitutional violation” came in the form of a postcard sent to voters with incomplete information about vote-by-mail.

Really? One deficient informational postcard is powerful enough to commandeer Colorado’s elections authority and suppress the right to vote?

In truth, Democrats are again using USPS to attack President Trump, openly accusing him of conspiring with DeJoy to disrupt USPS and interfere in vote-by-mail elections. Democrats insist on using USPS as a scapegoat when — not if — vote-by-mail issues arise in untested states. The left may be escalating the blame-game, but this scapegoating is nothing new.

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