September 20, 2020

SEEMS FAIR: “They’re now saying, after Ruth Bader Ginsburg passed away, they said, ‘Biden should release his list.'” Plus: “Oh? I’d forgotten that he’d pledged to choose a black woman. Isn’t that inconsistent with his 3 reasons for not giving us a list? There can’t be that many potential choices if he’s got the type of person narrowed down like that. Who are the under-60 black female federal judges appointed by Democratic Presidents? Won’t they all be influenced in their decisions — reason #1, above — even though their names are not on a list? Aren’t they all just as vulnerable to ‘unrelenting political attacks’ as the individuals on Trump’s list (reason #2)? And are you not violating reason #3 by making this pledge?”

There’s not enough Aricept in the world to get a coherent answer out of Biden to those questions.

Plus: “No presidential candidate, other than Donald Trump, has ever done such a thing…. Yes, Trump innovated, but it was Trump, so, of course Orange Man Bad. But it was a good innovation for him, because he wanted to build confidence that he would indeed choose a principled conservative. Now, that the innovation has been done, other candidates will decide whether it suits them. It will suit some, but not others. And, clearly, it would not suit Biden. Biden can’t possibly present a list of names. “

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