September 19, 2020


Joe Biden makes multiple dubious claims at CNN town hall.

“When you guys started talking on television about ‘Biden, if he wins, will be the first person without an Ivy League degree to be elected president,’ I said, ‘Who the hell makes you think I need an Ivy League degree to be president?’” Biden said. “I’m not joking.”

#42 Bill Clinton: Georgetown.

#40 Ronald Reagan: Eureka College.

#39 Jimmy Carter: US Naval Academy (Annapolis).

#38 Gerald Ford: University of Michigan.

#37 Richard Nixon: Whittier College.

#36 LBJ: Texas State University.

#34 Dwight Eisenhower: US military Academy (West Point).

#33 Harry Truman: Spaldings Commercial College (Withdrew without degree).


Did not graduate from college

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