September 16, 2020


The daily stroll through the poisonous bramble-garden of Western Civ never fails to produce the discovery of some heretofore unknown species. Here’s a white woman’s latest contribution –

What, you need a name? Why? The main descriptors of people are race and gender; a name would be superfluous, and suggest there’s some sort of individual agency at work that transcends those essential quality. So let’s call her WW36504.

Headline: Wine’s diversity issue starts with the way we talk about the taste of wine.

Read the whole thing, for a sneak preview of the ever-shrinking latest edition of the Newspeak Dictionary. Incidentally, the above link goes to the San Francisco Chronicle. Elsewhere in the Chronicle: Shopping in SF’s Tenderloin is wide open — for illegal drugs, that is.

Good to see the city has its priorities in order.

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