September 15, 2020

PEACEMONGER: How Trump Made It Happen: The Abraham Accords Peace Deal. “Trump correctly figured out that many of the moderate Arab States were tiring of the Palestinians refusal to even try to make peace. They were tired of having to carry the Palestinians and were already dealing with Israel behind the scenes. The ones already working with Israel were the Sunni-led states like UAE and Bahrain (and the Saudis), because of their fear of Shia Iran.”

I had similar thoughts on this last month:

That’s not to say that peace and love and happiness will break out throughout the Middle East, or that the peace will last forever. Trump is a dealmaker, not a miracle worker.

But the theater we just witnessed — which will create genuine benefits for Arabs and Israelis alike — was a very stable genius bit of kabuki theater:

• Launch a peace initiative designed to induce the Palestinian leadership to indulge in their usual bad behavior

• Give Israel the backing it needed to ostensibly take dramatic action in the Jordan River Valley

• Watch as Israel and Arab governments practically fall over themselves to “give up” the land Israel never annexed in exchange for the peace the Arabs need in order to face Iran

Nobody actually gave up anything, and everybody is getting what they wanted.

Well, except for the Palestinians, but yet again, they have only themselves to blame for that.

Maybe Trump just lucked out, somehow bumbling his stupid way into peace.

Maybe the Bolshoi Ballet is just an infinite number of hyperactive spider monkeys in leotards.

Nothing this well-orchestrated happens by happenstance.

The art of the deal, you could say.

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