May 26, 2003

THERE’S MORE INTERNAL WARFARE AT THE NEW YORK TIMES, according to Howard Kurtz. Kurtz also reports on a plagiarism incident that — shockingly enough — occurred at a different New York paper, the Post.

UPDATE: Charles Murtaugh — in a Bob Herbert-related post that’s currently at the top of his site — reports that the New York Times’ scandals are already having an impact, as Bob Herbert credits his heretofore unheralded assistant, Johanna Jainchill, with an interview. Charles doesn’t miss a thing. And though it may just be a coincidence, the column in which Herbert credits Jainchill is one of Herbert’s better efforts.

ANOTHER UPDATE: Jonah Goldberg notes:

This could be the start of all sorts of fun because I know for a fact Herbert is hardly alone. Maureen Dowd, for example, has a minion who does much of her gruntwork for her as do many other columnists (I used to be Ben Wattenberg’s researcher for example). Let the full-disclosures fly!


YET ANOTHER UPDATE: Tom Maguire says that Adam Clymer needs to add another correction to his total.

STILL MORE: Jeff Jarvis writes:

Anyway, following up on the latest NY Times scandal, the dateline caper, in which a prize-winning reporter gets sent to detention for not staying long enough at the place from which he dateslines his story…

I know of at least one big newspaper in this country where datelines are meaningless: Rewritemen took the wires and whatever else was handy and wrote stories under datelines as well as their bylines without ever leaving the desk. I was a bit surprised when I first saw this, but it was SOP.

Meanwhile, Gary Farber calls the Clymer piece “dolorous and predictable.” But that’s not a sin at the Times!

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