April 30, 2003


TWO British citizens were responsible for the suicide bombing of a pub in Tel Aviv early yesterday that killed three civilians and wounded 46 others.

A hunt was under way for one of the bombers, who did not detonate his charge and was believed to have it still in his possession. He is thought to have fled the scene when he saw his accomplice being blocked by a security guard.

Israeli police released an image of the passport of the dead man, Asif Mohammed Hanif, who detonated his explosives at the door. He was born on 2 August, 1981, in Bhowanj, Pakistan. The passport photograph of the wanted man, Omar Khan Sharif, born on 13 March, 1976, in Derby, was also released.

The security guard was seriously wounded as were another five people.

Reports in Jerusalem said the bombers were members of al-Qaeda or Hezbollah.

The British turned a blind eye to Islamic fundamentalism in Britain for a long time. This is the fruit of that policy.

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