April 28, 2003

JUST WATCHED A TAPE of the PBS Newshour piece on weblogs that I mentioned earlier. I thought it was pretty good, and certainly better than yet another InstaPundit piece would have been. They interviewed a number of bloggers, showed a number of blogs, and featured Joan Connell who was — until last week — my editor (only she was called a “producer”) at MSNBC. It was actually the first time I’d ever seen her, since we’ve interacted entirely by phone and email.

The focus was on the blogosphere, not on particular blogs, and that was good — because the blogosphere is smarter than any individual blog or blogger.

I taped the piece because the InstaWife, InstaDaughter, and I went to a carnival tonight. Bumper-cars, shooting galleries, and Ferris wheels. And caramel apples. It was lovely.

UPDATE: There’s RealAudio here.

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