August 10, 2020


News consumers can be forgiven for assuming that the unrest in America’s cities that erupted after George Floyd’s death had largely abated. Media’s coverage of that lawlessness has certainly ebbed, but, as events in Chicago on Sunday night demonstrated, the organized assaults on American cities did not.

* * * * * * * * *

The riots that erupted in Chicago followed a pattern that forecloses on the notion that they were in any way spontaneous. Hundreds of rioters descended on the city center—shuttled into the chaos by what seemed to be a dedicated fleet of vehicles. Cars were used to ram storefronts. A U-Haul truck appeared on the scene to facilitate the marauding. ATMs were ripped out of walls. Pharmacies were raided for prescription drugs. High-end retail storefronts were stripped bare.

This is a particularly brazen example of the lawlessness that American cities have been experiencing to some degree since the last week of May. Over the long, hot summer of 2020, cities across the country have been devastated by organized mob violence.

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