August 4, 2020

ROAD TRIP! The long way home: a 2,000-mile road trip in an untested ’79 Pontiac Trans Am:

The Great American Road Trip is a wonderful thing. It allows you to meet people you’d never otherwise encounter, see things you’d never otherwise see, and experience this great country of ours in ways that only open-road travel can provide.

Today’s new cars are forgettable. They’re roving jellybeans connected to the world via technology that most owners will never understand. They’re tracked by all manner of computer, recording our every moment and location. In short, new vehicles remove the one thing that the automobile was meant to provide from its inception: Freedom. Some will say it’s foolish to run 2,000 miles in an untested classic, but I disagree. In my mind, it’s about the adventure of doing something few are willing to attempt and getting lost in a vehicle that can’t be found.

Read the whole thing, which includes lots of photos of a great looking nocturne blue 1979 Pontiac Trans Am. It’s not quite the Smokey and the Bandit Firebird, (non T-Top roof, for one thing) but Bandit would definitely approve.

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