August 3, 2020

OF COURSE. BUT YOU SEE, THAT WAS THE INTENT ALL ALONG:  Longer Lockdowns Associated with Much Worse Economic Outcomes.

And no, not just to unseat Trump, though that was likely part of it.  Follow the bouncing ball:

All the communist dictatorships in the world only came into power after a SIGNIFICANT disruption. Okay, often self-created. but more importantly, the soft despotism of socialism in Europe and most of the world came on the heels of the economic destruction and disruption of WWII.
Now the peasants have stopped thinking socialism and globalism are their salvation. From the incoherent explosions of France, to the elections in Britain, to the even larger explosions (which we let be tamped down) of Hong Kong, there’s a global revolt against the self-proclaimed aristocracy, the “intelligentsia” of socialism.

Lockdown, incalculable destruction and world immiseration.  That will show the peasants! And bring them to heel quite quick.

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